A sensational unrestricted gun, now improved and under the T4E-label as Defense Training Marker: .68 caliber pump-action shotgun for heavy rubber projectiles. With its striking appearance and excellent workmanship, this gun cuts an imposing figure, and its tube magazine with 15 rounds ensures plenty of defense potential. The system housing has a Picatinny rail with a removable ghost ring sight. The front sight sits well protected in a tunnel and can be folded out of the way when a reddot sight is being used.

By hitting the butt stock on the ground one can put the system instantly under pressure if necessary – no danger of loosing pressure unnoticed.

  • Caliber: .68 Training
  • Energy (Joule): < 7.5
  • Magazine: 15 shots
  • Length: 620mm
  • Weight: 2225g
  • With Emergency Stock for 2 x 12g CO2

€ 559,90



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